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Do you have a financial plan for your future?

Now that the dust has settled on your house mortgage and getting the kids a good education, it’s time you started thinking about living comfortably during your retirement. To secure your financial future, you need someone who can help you achieve this. Based in Perth, Future Wealth Planners will give you the focus you need to achieve your financial goals – no matter what stage of life you’re at. We do this by providing personalised financial planning services to help protect your current lifestyle while helping you grow your wealth at the same time. Contact us today to see what we can do for you.

Founded in 2005, we have developed an enviable reputation for providing financial advice, all of which is based firmly on careful planning and analysis, which is the foundation for you to achieve financial security for now and the future.

Why use a financial planner?

While you may be doing a good job of saving some of your income every month, we can help you do better. With personal financial planning advice, you will learn strategies to stay on course to reach your financial goals. How?

The key is planning.

Why seek financial planning advice from us?

  • We’ll help you prepare for a comfortable retirement.
  • We’ll help you minimise your taxes and increase your wealth.
  • We’ll help you make wise investment choices.
  • Experienced specialists in our field.

The role of a financial adviser

A financial adviser will help keep you on-track to achieving your goals through the inevitable changes in both the economy and your personal circumstances. We’ll help you:

  • Minimise personal and investment risk
  • Manage your debts better
  • Minimise your tax liabilities
  • Plan for a successful retirement
  • Maximise any entitlements from government benefits
  • Properly arrange your will and Enduring Power of Attorney.

As registered financial advisers our first responsibility is to you the client. When providing you with personal financial advice, an adviser will analyse your present circumstances and future goals. The core role of a financial adviser is to provide you with the most appropriate advice, specific to your needs and objectives.

The difference between general and personal financial advice

General advice will focus on the financial products to help you make decisions about money, without taking your personal circumstances into account.

Personal advice considers your personal objectives, financial situation, and present and future requirements. With this understanding, a financial adviser can recommend appropriate strategies and, when required, the right financial products to suit your specific needs and goals.

When advice is needed

Most people choose to see a financial adviser at significant turning points in their life. They may need a professional to help them consider their financial options; better understand financial products on offer, or help them with tax laws or financial legislation.

Our experience has shown that once people find an adviser with whom they’re comfortable with, they tend to stick with them. Long-term relationships with your financial adviser are most beneficial as your advisor gets to know you and understand your circumstances and needs.

People most often consult a financial planner when they:

  • Start a new job
  • Are considering superannuation options
  • Are buying a house
  • Are looking to invest for capital growth
  • They are planning to retire
  • They inherit money
  • Receive a redundancy or other lump sum payments

How else can you benefit from personal financial planning?